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What is Carbon Footprint?
The total sets of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person
Why need to assess Carbon Footprint?
The increasing threat of global warming alongside legislative pressures to reduce carbon emissions has led an increasing number of businesses to make carbon management part of their wider sustainability strategy.
Our Offerings
CDP Reporting Carbon Advisory
Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) is an initiative driven by the non government voluntary organization based out of UK. The voluntary initiative of CDP.org is today participated by many fortune 500 global companies across various industry sectors including Manufacturing, Process and Service, Aviation, Telecom and IT Industries.

CDP Reporting is a comprehensive disclosure of carbon emission under Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 based on scope definition. Reports are evaluated on elaborate criteria for accuracy and completeness in disclosure and performance basis. Sector specific emissions are calculated and reported based on CDP Sector Specific Guidelines and Information

Carbon Foot print/GHG Accounting

GHG Accounting is a structured approachto calculate the Organization / Function /Business Unit’s emission of green house gases and their impact on the environment. We support our customer to identify these potential emission sources and compute the Carbon Foot Print for the processes / location / Activities involved and report with the various global agencies. The information obtained through the CFP process can then be used to drive emission reduction initiatives including undertaking Carbon Neutrality Journey, CDM Navigation, Carbon Offsetting and Carbon Trading
We help our customers identify and successfully undertake carbon offset projects, manage risk and regulation, and share experience and expertise in managing carbon assets. Our aim is to support you to identify opportunities, simplify intricacy and derive benefit from fast growing international emissions market.

CDP Neutrality

In continuation with the Carbon Foot Print determination, various environmentally sensitive organizations undertake a Journey to neutralize their Carbon Foot Print and attain a Carbon Neutral Status.

While Carbon Neutral Status is generally a distant dream for various commercial organizations, they are able to however, reduce their carbon foot print by undertaking various Emission Reduction and Energy Conservation Initiatives.

The Energy Reduction Initiatives not only help in reducing the Carbon Emission and the related CFP, but also contribute significantly in Cost Reduction, Energy Optimization and Efficiency Enhancement initiatives which are generally self sustaining and contributes to the Bottom line of the Organizations, while also improving the Environmental conditions at work and society at large

Why report to CDP?
Companies that disclose to CDP are able to demonstrate:
  • Increased awareness of greenhouse gas emissions hot spots so that they can begin to reduce them.
  • Business leadership in understanding the risks from climate change, deforestation and water scarcity.
  • How they are creating opportunities to innovate and generate revenue from sustainable products and services.
  • How they are future-proofing their business from climate change and water impacts.
Key Benefits

Increased transparency to shareholders, clients and the public audience.


Identifying how the organization copes with threats arising from climate change.

Competitive Edge

Highlighting the business opportunities available.

Cost Reduction

Enhanced ability to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

Manage Risks

Manage the risks and opportunities from climate change.

Reduction in emission & cost saving

Identify areas where there is scope for energy efficiencies which in turn can lead to both emissions reductions and cost savings.

Why Choose Us
  • Established Credentials in the CDP Reporting

  • Team of experts with in-depth understanding of CDP data gathering and revalidation of data

  • Our Comprehensive CDP TOOL© provides an evaluation criteria as per applicable CDP Guidelines