Carbon Neutrality
We help our customers to develop carbon offset projects, manage risk and regulation, and share experience and expertise in managing carbon assets. Our aim is to support you to identify opportunities, simplify intricacy and derive benefit from fast growing international emissions market
Carbon Foot Printing (CFP) / GHG Accounting
  • Carbon Foot Printing (CFP) / GHG Accounting is a structured approach to calculate the Organization/Function/Business Unit's emission of green house gases and their impact on the environment. We aim is to support our customer to identify these potential emission sources and compute the Carbon Foot Print for the processes / location / Activities involved and report with the various global agencies (optional). The information obtained through the CFP process can then be used to drive emission reduction initiatives.
  • Our assistance methodology is a comprehensive approach including identification of the various GHG emissions sources for the three different scope of emission (Scope 1, 2 & 3), collect authenticate data, apply the application emission factor and compute the total Carbon Foot Print using our Carbon Calculator, an Agile Group developed Computation Tools.
Industry Requirement
  • Carbon Foot Print (CFP) computed could be reported voluntarily by the organizations to international forums like The requirement to compute and report the CFP is also becoming a requirement of Various Global retail business organizations like Wall-marts, JC Penney, Target, etc In addition, various Telecom majors are also demanding their Supply chain to ensure computation and reporting of their specific CFP and then undertake projects to reduce the same.
  • The requirement to compute CFP and Disclose is growing in requirement in various RFI's, RFP's, RFQ's etc. A few global Countries like Australia have introduced an additional "Carbon Tax" applicable to all those organization which do business with them but cannot demonstrate compliance to their emission reporting and reduction guidelines.
  • GHG reporting is also required in directors' reports, investment due diligence, shareholder and stakeholder communication, staff engagement, green messaging, and tender requirements for business and government contracts.

GHG Accounting
  • CFP / GHG Accounting is carried out on the basis of different International Standards and Protocols.
  • ISO 14064-1: Greenhouse Gas Emissions at organization level
  • ISO 14064-2: Greenhouse Gas Emissions at project level
  • ISO 14064-3: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Validations and Verification Specifications
  • GHG Protocols: International accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Carbon Calculator developed and used by Agile Group helps accuracy and computation of the Carbon Foot Print across all three Scopes 1, 2 & 3 for the various Sources of different GHGs.

CDP reporting
Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) is an initiative driven by the non government voluntary organization based out of UK. The voluntary initiative of is today participated by various fortune 500 global companies across various industry sectors including Manufacturing, Process and Service Industries. CDP Reporting is a comprehensive disclosure of carbon emission under Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 based on scope definition. Reports are evaluated on elaborate criteria for accuracy and completeness in disclosure and performance basis. Sector specific emissions are calculated and reported based on CDP Sector Specific Guidelines and Information Request. Trend of Carbon Emission efficiency of the projects undertaken by the reporting organizations is established based on a post reporting review and a comprehensive feedback is provided to the participating and sponsoring organizations.
  • Development of the Data Collection template and advisory to facilitate the internal teams collect the data to form basis of the entire computation exercise.
  • Review and validate the collected data for its consistency and correctness.
  • Development of the CFP computation tool in line with the requirements of CDP and sector specific guidelines
  • Validation of the CFP computation tool to align with the GWP protocol, ISO 14064 requirements and other international guidelines.
  • Compute the carbon footprint for Scope 1, 2, 3 Categories from the collated data, tabulate and present the same to the CDP as per their general and sector specific guidelines mandated.
  • CDP reporting online with
  • Providing a justified explanation for the carbon emission trends and presenting the organizational perspective and road map for emission reduction.
  • Issuance of emission verification certificate.

CDM Navigation
  • Handholding in process of Project Concept Note (PCN) host country approval from Designated National Authority (DNA).
  • Review of documents in order to assess additionality and Methodology in line with UNFCCC requirements viz. Process flow, interaction of process, material/ mass balance, energy flow and technical operating specifications / parameters of proposed project.
  • Preparation of Project Design Documents (PDD) and Monitoring Plan.
  • Assistance in selection of Designated Operational Entity (DOE) for Validation and Verification of CDM project and to manage the Validation and Verification process.
  • Help in the sale of CER's to the potential buyers based on negotiation on Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA). Also assist in documentation of ERPA.
  • Help in establish the integrity of your system(s) and processes for monitoring and reporting emissions from the project and the emissions reduction data.
  • Conduct internal audit for effective establishment of monitoring plan and compliance with relevant UNFCCC and DNA Criteria.
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