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Level specific recruitment:

  1. Entry level: For the mandates involving mass requirements, generally at the entry level, the recruitment solutions include university level campus placements or organizing walk - in interviews.

  2. Middle management: for specific requirements at the Middle management, we assist our clients in defining the specific "Competence" requirements for the role profile and then use a combination of sources to identify the suitable profiles. We do carryout initial profile screening and conduct the first round of discussion with the shortlisted delegates before sharing the details with our client.

  3. Top Level / Strategic Positions: Recruitment at the Top level and for Strategic role profiles requires a very focused, detailed and comprehensive search. Resulting from good visibility of the industry are various levels, we do maintain a data base of special skilled resources. Recruitments at these levels need to be handled secretly and swiftly. All such profile is handled by a very senior team at Agile Group, including the group CEO. Candidates for this level are selectively handpicked and through review and mapping of profiles is conducted using structured review tool at Agile Group before sharing the information with the client and / or delegates.

Industry Specific Recruitments:

While Agile Group is organized in a matrix structure to provide best coverage across the Industry and Geographical spread, we enjoy strong business relationships across various industry sectors limited mainly in the services domain. Our presence, relationship and better understanding of the services sector help us focus and provide for effective solutions within stiff timelines. Some of the Industry verticals we focus can be grouped as:

  • Information, Communication & Telecom (ICT)
  • Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS)
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)
  • Consumer Retail Services (CRS)
  • Media, Entertainment & Hospitality (MEH)
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