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With the advancement of Science and Technology and rapid industrialization and urbanization, the environmental management becomes a major concern for our country. The need for maintenance of ecological balance and environmental protection has increased more than ever before.

The successful implementation of environmental protection programs initiated by Central Government in coordination with the State Governments essentially require identifying and quantifying the pollution sources, pollutants, conducting baseline survey, laying down standards and build-up monitoring systems.

The Environmental laboratories in the Country play a key role in assessing and evaluating the present condition of both biotic (flora and fauna) and abiotic components (air, soil and water). Environmental laboratories facilitate analysis of samples from various environmental media (i.e. air, water and soil) and sources including ambient, domestic, industrial and agricultural.

The laboratories are the essential corner stone's of any effective pollution control programme. The analytical laboratories provide qualitative as well as quantitative data to allow an unbiased decision making purpose. Agile Environmental Laboratories has been established for generating this valuable data with a desired accuracy and to quantify concentration of the constituents present in the samples, with the desired facilities and capabilities to achieve the above goal.

The Different Testing Available with us

  • Food Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Indoor Air Testing
  • Ambient Air Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Waste Water Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Chemical and Cosmetics
  • Noise and Lux Testing
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