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Fire Safety Services

Why Need Fire Safety?
  • Fire is one of the threats faced by every individual and organization.
  • Apart from Property Damage, fire can cause loss to Human Assets, Valuable information Assets, Corporate Good Will, Opportunity Loss leading to loss of Market Share.
  • While physical damage to premises can be compensated by Insurance Claims, however, loss of trust resulting from the unplanned business interruption could compound the impact of losses to a value that may not be covered under any Insurance schemes.
Our Offerings
Fire Risk Assessment Advisory on Fire Safety
Our Comprehensive Risk Assessment methodology evaluates:
  • Design Risk
  • Potential Fire Hazards
  • Availability of Infrastructure to Identify, Alarm and communicate
  • Availability and Adequacy of Evacuation Preparedness
  • Mitigation capability and awareness
  • Thermo graphic profiling of electrical connects
Compliance Audit & Reporting

Our comprehensive assessment framework evaluates the compliance of the Fire Safety Infrastructure and Processes against the established Indian and Global Legal and Regulatory requirements including but not limited to:
  • NBC 2005
  • NFPA 780:2000
  • IEC 62305:2006
  • NETA Maintenance Standard
  • State Fire prevention & Life Safety Act
  • Fire Act & rules of different Municipals across India
  • Petroleum Act
  • International Guidelines and Best Practices relating to Fire and Life Safety of UK , Scotland and Ireland
We Advice and Assist companies to become compliance with applicable Legal and Regulatory requirements, Domestic and International Guidelines relating to fire safety including adoption of global best practices

Our New Building Evaluation checklist helps organizations select compliant and safe premises suitable to their need We help companies in establishment of:

  • Emergency Management Processes
  • Evacuation Plan with special consideration for Differently abled
  • Command center processes
  • Disaster Management Plans
Simulation & Trainings

  • At Agile, we believe in “Practice Makes Behavior Permanent”
  • Our team of experts help simulate various emergency scenarios including Fire, and help organizations test their actual preparedness under “Simulated” scenarios

Who is it for?
  • It is the fundamental right of every entity or individual, irrespective of their size, location, nature of Business, occupying premises Commercial, Residential, Educational or Health Institute to stay Safe.
  • Fire in the buildings has been a regular phenomenon, especially with soaring ambient temperatures and overloaded electrical connections.
  • As we realize the Risk and the Risk Appetite of no two individuals can be identical, our customized solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.
Key Benefits
Save Life and Property -Factual, Proactive evaluation of the premises helps take suitable action to Save Life and Property

Selection of Safe Premises Our New Premises Evaluation process helps organizations choose safe and compliant premises for setting up their operations.

Reduction in Risk Our Assessment Advisory Services help organizations evaluate the Risk and mitigate them to make the premises Safer.

Customized Evacuation Plans: Our customized evacuation plans are developed considering specific Risk and Risk Appetite of each organization. Our specialize in designing and implementing the Evacuation Plans for Crèche, Differently abled employees and visitors, High Rise buildings (incl. Hospitals).

Competence Enhancement: Our Training and Simulation services provide pragmatic understanding of the expected behavior during a real life scenario. A blend of Classroom and On-site training helps the occupants better understand their role and responsibility during a fire scenario and positively influences their behavior during times of crisis Our specific training to the Fire Marshals help them establish correct understanding on the selection and use of correct firefighting equipment and Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs)

Why Choose Us
  • Established Credentials in the Fire Risk Assessment

  • Team of experts with in-depth understanding of Applicable legal and regulatory requirements including NBC guidelines

  • Our Comprehensive Safety Assessment framework (SAF)© provides an exhaustive evaluation criteria as per applicable standards, Acts, Rules, Guidelines and Best practices

  • Access to the Latest updates relating to Fire Safety globally, being members of domestic and International Forums like:

  • National Safety Council of India

  • Irish Fire Safety Forum

  • UK fire Safety Forum